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Certificate Attestation Service

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Certificate Attestation Service in Delhi from Certify Global Services


Your reliable partner for all attested proof of approval. 

Any individual and large-scale businesses who are required to have their educational, professional, and personal documents attested for various purposes are often in search of a trusted and reliable certificate attestation agency that specialises within the matter of verifying the authenticity and originality of such documents. 


Process of Certificate Attestation in Delhi, India


This process is often referred necessary when traveling abroad, applying for jobs or education, or when conducting business in another country.

The process of attestation validates the legitimacy and purpose of a document or certificate by any professional government bodies, agency or authorized entity. 


Certify Global Services, a professional service provider offers you just that. Generally, the document is first authenticated by the issuing authority in the home country itself, only then it proceeds to move forward and is attested by the embassy or consulate of the destination or recipient country.


While verifying the authenticity of the document, our team also ensures to keep a thorough and well-maintained monitoring by checking for any alterations or tampering, and confirming the identity of the individual who signed it. Certify Global Services also helps you with translation services for documents that are not in the language of the destination country.


How Certificate Attestation is Done by Certify Global Services


Our agency assist its clients to navigate across this complicated process, walking them through each step of mandatory requisites, as well as ensuring that their client’s documents are verified and authenticated correctly, and that any legal and regulatory requirements are met to the best of its possibilities. 


With our professional services; clients can save time, a hefty amount of money, and avoid the frustration and stress of trying to steer clear this process on their own.

We handle and provide the stamp of authenticity and clearance to various range of legal documents such as educational certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, police clearance certificates, and commercial documents like contracts etc. all that might require an attestation.



Why to Choose Certify Global Services for Certificate Attestation in Delhi, India


Our exceptional team at Certify Global Services take in consideration the importance of originality and orderly aid in protecting our clients from any sort of potential fraudulent activity involving unreliable agencies. We at Certify Global Services, have a deep and thorough understanding of the legal and regulatory requirements related to attestation, and are able to provide end-to-end support that includes document collection, translation, attestation, and a safe and secured delivery of the attested documents right back to the client.


Our agency also strives the best in offering expedited services for individuals who need their documents attested quickly and securely. 


Our fee structure for attestation services may vary depending on the type of documents and certificates, the destination country, as well as with the level of urgency it is required at. 

Overall, Certify Global Services serves as a valuable resource for its clients and their businesses needing to authenticate important documents. We not only offer a trustworthy and reliable service but also provide peace of mind and assurance that the documents are legally recognized and valid, which is essential for any international travel, study, or even a business venture.


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