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Saudi Embassy Attestation Services in Delhi | Attestation for Saudi

Saudi Embassy Attestation Services in Delhi (INDIA)

Saudi Embassy Attestation Services in Delhi, India


A Saudi embassy attestation is required for anyone planning to work, study, or conduct business in Saudi Arabia. Legal documents must be attested in order to be used internationally. Saudi Attestation and Legalization services are offered by us, a pioneering company. We have been given permission to handle the administrative tasks associated with the general attestation from the Saudi Embassy by the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia. We have been given official permission by India's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) to assist applicants with efficient document attestation services. In India, We handle more documents for Saudi attestation than any other service provider. We give all documents authentically attested and with 100 percent data security. People also visit other parts of the UAE. You will have to get UAE embassy attestation to visit UAE.


Why do you need Saudi Embassy Attestation?


The Saudi Embassy has a lengthy process for attesting documents, however, we are conversant with the method and can readily handle these challenging requirements. Saudi embassy attestation is a type of attestation stamp applied to the back of a document by the Saudi Embassy Attestation in India, validating its content and identity. Once the national and state responsible authorities have approved the document, it is obtained. Particularly in the case of degree and diploma certificates, the verification of the papers is thought to be a crucial component of the Saudi Embassy Attestation in India.


Procedure of Saudi Embassy Attestation


  • Educational Attestation
  • For educational documents, Saudi Arabia has a more drawn-out and difficult attestation process. There are just a few trustworthy organisations approved by the Cultural Attaché of the Royal Embassy Attestation in New Delhi, India, for the attestation of educational papers including degree and diploma certificates. It is required to get the educational documents attested by the HRD (Human Resource Department) and MEA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) of the relevant State before beginning the Embassy Attestation process. Upon MEA attestation, the Culture Attache of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia will commence a verification procedure of the document with the relevant issuing body. After the applicable document granting authority responds favourably to the Saudi Cultural Attache's request.
  • Non-educational
  • One must obtain personal documentation, such as... while applying for a family or residence visa in Saudi Arabia. Birth, marriage, medical, and POA (Power of Attorney) certificates must all be attested by the Saudi Royal Embassy. Following the Arabic translation of the source document, the original and translated documents are submitted for regional authentication, also known as SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) and MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) attestation. Once the MEA has completed both the original and the translated document. The documents must be submitted for final Saudi Embassy attestation in New Delhi after MEA attestation.
  • Commercial
  • Commercial documents, such as Certificates of Origin, Tax Invoices, Health Certificates, Commercial Powers of Attorney, and Agency Agreements, among others, must be approved by the Saudi Embassy in order for International Businesses to Expand Their Business in Saudi Arabia. The legalisation process for business documents includes the authentication of pertinent documents by the Saudi Embassy in New Delhi, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA), the Chamber of Commerce (COC), and the Notary.



Document Checklist for the Saudi Embassy Attestation 


  • Original All Year Mark Sheet Copy of Degree/PG/Diploma Certificate
  • 10th–12th Grade Mark Sheet Copies
  • passport copy
  • copy of a Pan Card/ Adhar Card
  • candidate email address
  • Completely completed and signed authorization form and candidate information (format attached)
  • Visa copy or Sponsor ID and Visa number

For fresher - Original offer letter for new hires (MOFA & Chamber attested from Saudi)


If working - A functional colour reproduction of the Iqama (IQAMA SHOULD BE VALID) Letter of agreement (MOFA & Saudi Chamber attested) having a minimum of six months remaining before expiration.



Case For Selecting Certify Global Services


As it has been in operation for more than 6 years, Certify Global Services has established a reputation for offering the best Saudi Embassy attestation services in Delhi, India. We have acquired this faith and reputation due to the assistance and professionalism we have amassed over the years. Let's clarify how we can give you the finest services possible:


Fast and Reliable Service - Our speedy documentation verification ensures that the services are legitimate and lawful. can be found on the same page and can be found in the same way as above and can be found in the same way as above.


Service accessibility across all of India - Certify Global Services has been in business for over five years and now has offices across the nation that provide the best services to its clients. Even international documents of every kind are catered to by us.


24/7 customer assistance - Feel free to get in touch with us day or night, and we'll take the time to listen to your problems and recommend solutions. The crew is open-minded and determined to offer the best assistance for the required fixes.


Good Service - At our business, we have authentic, high-quality facilities. Accuracy and proficiency in the task are guaranteed.


Customer comfort -  is a priority for us, and we are computer savvy enough to make our services available to our clients. There are no additional costs, and we constantly keep our clients updated on the project's progress.


 Note - Now Saudi embassy also approves apostille after basic attestation.



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Frequently Asked Questions ?

Q.1: Can my Freind of Family Apply for Attestation

Anyone can apply for Attestation for more information call us at our no. - +91-9319535300

Q.2: Is attestation mandatory for Saudi visa?

If you have a degree from a university outside the Saudi , you must get it authenticated by both the ministry of foreign affairs in your home country and the Saudi Embassy.

Q.3: What are the documents required for SAUDI embassy attestation?

These all Documents are required for Saudi embassy Attestation Professional Degree Certificate PG Degree Certificate Management Degree Certificate Hotel Management Certificate Diploma Degree Certificate UG Degree Certificate Engineering Degree Certificate Technical Degree Certificate Law Degree Certificate Medical Degree Certificate PhD Degree Certificate

Q.4: Why is embassy attestation needed?

In order for a document to be properly acknowledged, embassy attestation is the process of confirming the validity of documents issued in a nation. This procedure is necessary since it is challenging for the authority or department to ascertain whether the document is genuine or not.

Q.5: Cost of Saudi Embassy Attestation?

The cost of degree certificate attestation for SAUDI varies from state to state. However, the state authorities charge different fees, and it totally depends upon their regulations.

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