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HRD Department

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HRD attestation service commonly refers to the procedure of having all educational documents attested by the “Human Resource Development” (also known as HRD) ministry of the concerned Indian state or territory. 

Once all the necessary documents are attested by the Human Resource Development ministry, they can be submitted and calculated for further attestation by the embassy or the concerned ministry of external affairs, all accordingly based upon the requirements of the country in which they are expected to be used. HRD attestation is naturally required for multiple important purposes, broadly including higher education, employment, migration and even business related activities. 


The process and its requirements may considerably stretch and differ depending on the country and also the distinct requirements of the dealing organisation or institution requesting the attestation.




HRD attestation is a rather crucial and consequential step for any individual who seeks to achieve higher education or career work abroad, as it verifies the originality and authenticity of their academically relevant and earned certificates as well as their degrees. What an HRD attestation process does is it extensively involves the verification of the genuine educational documents, their authentication by the respective educational university or board, and moving on to finally getting their legitimate documents attested by the HRD ministry. 




In simply put words; HRD attestation Service is mostly needed for candidates who are planning to gain higher education or to find work abroad. 


Human Resource Development (HRD) attestation is essentially required for educational documents, largely for Indian citizens who want to utilise their academic credentials and certificates in chosen foreign countries for higher studies, employment, better business opportunities etc. 


It is an imperative step to validate the legitimacy of the educational documents that have been provided to the embassy. 


The HRD department of the respective state government generally puts a conformity that the submitted documents are genuine and are issued by a recognized and trusted educational institution in India. 


The attestation is precisely mandatory and is typically required before getting any extra further attestations from the Ministry of External Affairs (also known as MEA) and the concerned commission or organisation of the country where the individual/ candidate desires to utilise their documents.




The process of Human Resource Development attestation is vast and can differ all accordingly to the state of issue of the academic certificate, but here is offered a general overview of the step-by-step process of the attestation: 


1. Individual is asked to provide the original educational certificate, along with all the photocopies to the respective district education department, where the institution is located.


2. One is required to pay the prescribed fees  meant for attestation and obtain back a receipt.


3. Wait for verification and the confirmation of the submitted certificate's legitimacy by the education department. 


4. Once the HRD department has gone through the procedure of confirmation of the certificate's authenticity and originality, the original certificate will then be handed back to its applicant.


5. HRD attestation is basically the first and foremost step going forward into a string of further document attestations, which may encompass a stamp of authentication by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and finally leading to the embassy or the concerned commission of the country where the individual wishes to harness their documents.





It is always recommended for individuals to seek the help of a professional HRD attestation service provider or consult the embassy or committee of the destination foreign country to better acknowledge the specific requirements and provide with extensive procedures that need to be followed. 


Attestation services are a stressful, complex and altogether chaotic procedures that is almost impossible to get done by yourself without any professional assistance and knowledge. 


Certify Global Services assists its candidates to develop their certificates without any additional hassle. 


We ensure, as well as provide to our clients with a detailed step-by-step guide of the attestation process so as to lower the chances of any errors or trivial misplacements. 


Through our technical approach by our professional staffs in this field of expertise, our services will assist you to be able to track your documents from anywhere, as well as provide you with the knowledge of status and updates of the documents submitted for attestation. 


We offer to our customers an excellent and comprehensive overview of the process of attestation services and deliver the best possible customer care experience. 


We provide our customers a stress-free and quick attestation assistance.  Certify Global Services stands apart from other websites through our steadfast commitment to delivering on our promises and achieving exceptional results. This unwavering dedication is reflected in our outstanding client satisfaction rate, exceeding 95%, with a vast clientele of over 5000+ delighted customers.


With years of experience and trusted as well as reliable resources, we not only offer individuals an expeditious and trouble-free services but also take in consideration that they remain cost-effective and save as much time and money as possible.







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