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Educational Document Attestation

It is an authentication procedure carried out by several government agencies to confirm the legitimacy of any person's credentials and provide details about their academic background. In order for the documents to be taken outside of the country and accepted as lawful by the authorities of the relevant foreign country, they must be recognised as authentic.



Educational document attestation is the procedure/course of action to verify and validate the authenticity of educational documents such as various academic credentials, transcripts, diplomas, and degree certificates.

This process is generally carried out by a government agency or committee of a foreign country to make certain that all the concerned documents being submitted are legitimate and originated from a well acknowledged educational institution.

This particular attestation activity is very necessary for candidates who intend on working or pursuing higher education/studying abroad as it naturally validates that their academic qualifications are authentic and meet the integral requirements of their selected profession or educational institution.




If an individual is planning on pursuing higher education from a foreign country, it is essential for them to have their educational documents attested so as to ensure their authenticity, validity, and legitimacy.

If an individual is willing to travel to a foreign country for either business purposes or employment, they often stumble upon companies or certain business organisations that require educational documents as a legitimate proof of the candidate’s academic qualifications and achievements.


Educational documents also are very necessary for an individual applying for immigration overseas/ to a foreign country.

These educational attested documents are extremely important to prove the candidate’s educational or academic qualifications to see of they are eligible for the immigration process.

Educational document attestation need not only be for business purposes in general but can also assist to personal reasons such as;  it remains very necessary and important to get ones educational documents attested for either marriage or simply even for getting an admission to a professional licensing examination.


While laying all the important processes and information of educational document attestation on the table, it is also very crucial to find a trustworthy and reliable source of service provider for such procedures.

Certify Global Services offers to its clients an efficient, secure and easygoing experience of the attestation process by providing them a comprehensive and effective service that shuns away any potential hindrances and allows its candidates to be offered expeditious and constructive assistance.




The whole procedure of educational document attestation can differ depending on the foreign country where the document had been issued, the country where the documents are supposed to be attested, and finally, the very purpose of the attestation.


The general process of this attestation however, carries out as follows:


Notarisation: In order to confirm the authenticity of the document, it is required essential for the educational document to be notarised by a notary public that is in the country where it was issued.

Authentication: The concerned document must then be verified and validated by the relevant government authorities in the country where it had been issued. This might either be the ‘Ministry of Education’ or the ‘Ministry of Foreign Affairs’.


Attestation: Moving on, the authenticated document shall then be attested by the committee or the consulate of the country where it is supposed to be used. This further confirms the verification of the given document in the that foreign country.


Translation: If the provided documents happen to be in another language rather than the official language of the country where it requires to be utilised, it is very essential for the document to be translated as well as attested by a certified professional translator.

The exact process, activities and requirements may vary according to the particular circumstances of the country involved.



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