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Certificate Attestation For Vietnam Embassy

Certificate Attestation For Vietnam Embassy

Certificate Attestation For Vietnam in Delhi, India


Vietnam, a Southeast Asian country, is known for its beautiful beaches, rivers, Buddhist pagodas, and vibrant cities. The nation, which was located on the Indochinese Peninsula, had boundaries with China in the north, Cambodia in the southwest, and Laos in the northwest. Since 1978, the Vietnamese ng has served as the country's currency. Vietnamese culture is regarded as one of the world's oldest.

The country's stunning natural splendor draws visitors. Hanoi, the country's second biggest city, serves as the capital. Situated on the banks of the Red River, the city is a genuine keeper of history thanks to its timeless appeal.


Advantages of Vietnam Embassy Attestation

  • For individuals who want to pursue higher education in Vietnam, the Vietnam Embassy Attestation is required.
  • The Vietnam Embassy Attestation is useful in obtaining India-equivalent certifications for your child as well as entrance into Vietnamese schools.
  • The Vietnam Embassy Attestation is very beneficial for obtaining a work visa and also enhances the number of employment options in Vietnam.
  • Obtaining Vietnam Embassy Attestation is beneficial for settling down in Vietnam as it facilitates the acquisition of a family residence visa.


Document Attestation for Vietnam Embassy Attestation

Whether they are educational or non-educational documents, we can complete the authentication/legalization procedure from the Vietnam Embassy for practically any documents issued from India. There are two distinct processes for both educational and non-educational processes.

The procedure of having a document authenticated by the Vietnam embassy.

  1. Educational 
  2. Non-educational
  3. Commercial




We have two processes for attesting educational certificates. The first one begins with university verification, and state authentication (HRD/GAD), and is followed by MEA (Minister of Foreign Affairs), as this step takes time and is not required in Vietnam (Mandatory for only the education sector). Document translation for the Vietnamese Embassy is required.



If you want to move your family to Vietnam or if you want to attest your personal documents so you may apply for a job, you must have your personal documents confirmed by the Vietnam embassy.

There are two procedures for getting a non-educational certificate or personal document attested by the Vietnam Embassy.

  • Home Department and the Embassy of Vietnam procedure.
  • Notary, SDM, and Embassy of Vietnam Procedure.



When you need to export goods, launch a business, or provide services to foreign nations, commercial documents need to be attested. The attestation of each export document is required. The lists of business papers that the Vietnam Embassy frequently attests are shown below.

  • Authentication document
  • a declaration of incorporation
  • Invoices
  • reports on the physical and chemical examination of goods
  • List of packaging
  • exclusive certificates
  • a memorandum of understanding
  • Legal Authority


Why is Vietnam Embassy Attestation Required?


Verifying the legitimacy of documents used in the requires Vietnam attestation (Vietnam). To confirm that documents are valid and were produced by authorised organisations or agencies, the Vietnam government demands their attestation.


Vietnam attestation is necessary for a number of reasons, such as:


Employment: To demonstrate your credentials and experience if you intend to work in the Vietnam, you must have your educational and professional records authenticated.


Education: In order to be admitted to a university or other educational institution in the Vietnam, you must have your educational credentials attested.


Immigration: In order to get a resident visa if you want to migrate to the Vietnam, you must have your personal documents, such as birth certificates and marriage certificates, attested.


Business: In order to establish your legal position and ownership in the Vietnam and/or enter into a business transaction, you must have your company paperwork attested.


All things considered, obtaining a Vietnam attestation is essential for anyone wishing to visit, work, or transact business in the Vietnam. It helps to avoid fraud and deception by ensuring that all documents used in the nation are genuine and accepted by the law.


Process of  Vietnam Embassy Attestation


Procedure 1 for Vietnam's Degree Attestation


1. The State Level Attestation will first certify the document (HRD)

Second, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will certify the paper.

3. The Vietnam Embassy in India will then attest the paper.

Procedure 02 Vietnam Degree Attestation


1. The Home Department and each state's appropriate home department will first certify the document.

2. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs from New Delhi will certify the document.

3. The Vietnam Embassy in India will then attest the paper.


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Frequently Asked Questions ?

Q.1: Who and All Need To Attest Certificate For Operating In Vietnam?

All Professionals Applying For Work Visas Must Certify Their Educational Credentials, Including Doctors, Nurses, Accountants, Managers, Administrators, Technicians, Paramedics, And Others. All Certificates, Excluding Those For Labour Catogery, Must Bear VIETNAM Embassy Attestation.

Q.2: Where Can I Go To Get An Attestation From The Vietnam Embassy?

You Can Simply Contact Us On Our No. - +91-9319535300, +91-8974563210 Or You Can Visit Our Website.

Q.3: What Are The Documents Required For Vietnam Embassy Attestation?

These All Documents Are Required For Vietnam Embassy Attestation Professional Degree Certificate Pg Degree Certificate Management Degree Certificate Hotel Management Certificate Diploma Degree Certificate Ug Degree Certificate Engineering Degree Certificate Technical Degree Certificate Law Degree Certificate Medical Degree Certificate Phd Degree Certificate

Q.4: How Much Is The Cost of Attestation In Vietnam Embassy?

The Cost Of Certificate Attestation For Vietnam Varies From State To State. However, The State Authorities Charge Different Fees, And It Totally Depends Upon Their Regulations. You can Contact us to pay minimum Amount. Call us On Our No. - +91-9319535300.

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